For Physicians

For many years, Cannon Advisors has specialized in consulting with physicians.  By concentrating our efforts in understanding the day-to-day life of a surgeon, obstetrician, radiologist, and many other specialists, we are very astute of the many rewarding attributes involved in serving within this profession, as well as understand the struggles and limitations involved.  The pressures of having to always be "right" or face possible litigation, the long hours and call schedules, hospital and partner politics, reimbursements, e-medical record frustrations, constant changes and never-ending continuing education can all be daunting. 

By partnering with our firms, we help give you back one of your most precious commodities...time.  Using our Multi-Family Office services for physicians, by partnering with both Cannon Advisors and Cannon Tax & Accounting, you have the option for us to help save you time by coordinating your taxes with your investments, estate planning, risk management and asset protection. With a detailed plan at the heart of every relationship, we pledge to drive efficiency, time savings, help reduce gaps within your overall plan, and help you find ways to save on taxes. 

If your tax professional is not coordinating with your investment advisor for every investment and tax decision, you may be the one who pays the price each tax season.