Are Your Financial Plans on Track?

Getting a second opinion for your investment portfolio could be the difference you're looking for.

<strong>Why should you consider a second opinion?</strong>

Why should you consider a second opinion?

Things change rapidly, so every few years, it is a good idea to get an outside, independent opinion. Through this second opinion we will address the concerns below:
  • How current events affect your investments?
  • What happens in an economic down turn?
  • Is the advice you're receiving in your best interest?
  • Will I run out of money during retirement?
  • How much can I spend in retirement and not run out?
  • Are my fees in line, or am I over-paying?
  • Is my advisor a fiduciary?
Second opinions never hurt but the upside can be life changing.
<strong>What we'll discuss during our meeting...</strong>

What we'll discuss during our meeting...

At Cannon Advisors, we can provide a second opinion and personal guidance. We'll walk you through the steps below:
  • Determine where are you going and are your on the right track?
  • Understand where you want to be and is it within reach or are changes necessary?
  • Put together a plan to help get you there.
  • Identify what could prevent you from reaching your goals and how to prepare.

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