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Private and Secure Online Access

  • A way to communicate through an encrypted login that is secure and paperless.
  • Personal or business tax return(s) in an electronic format will be sent to you directly.

Canopy Client Resources

Watch How to Register and Use Your Portal to get started:

Once we set up your portal, you can easily:

  • Access your tax returns and source documents 24/7.
  • Exchange tax files with Cannon Tax & Accounting through a secure encrypted platform.
  • Login and share documents from Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box.
  • Pay invoices online.
  • Toggle between multiple portal views under one login, when applicable i.e. dependents and/or businesses. Each tax return needs a unique email address for invoicing purposes only.


Do I have to notify you each time I upload?
- Once you have uploaded a document, we will automatically be notified. No need to call and let us know. You will also be notified any time we upload a document into your portal for you to view.

How do I change my password?
- Select “Reset Your Password” on the client login homepage.

What is Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)?
- MFA is an added layer of security to protect against hacking and fraud that is required during setup. A cell phone is used to verify that the program is being accessed by the legitimate user.

Your tax return is ready! Now what?
- Sign ONLY the form 8879 IRS e-file Signature Authorization. This allows us to electronically file on your behalf. Certain states could require a separate signature page; and North Carolina is not one of those states.

- How to Sign: Print, sign, reupload to the portal under the “TO CANNON” file. If you have an electronic signature, such as DocuSign, you are able to use that for your signature. Sign on the line that states “Your Signature” & “Spouse’s Signature” if applicable 

- How to Pay: Pay online from the home page of your portal, under the “Tasks” bar or from the invoice sent directly to the email address associated with your login. Another option is to provide payment over the phone.

When do I get electronically filed?

- Once you have signed and uploaded the signature page(s) into the “TO CANNON” file and paid for tax preparation services, you will be filed in 2 business days. The 2 business days gives you time to review the return and ask any questions for clarification.

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