Cannon AIQ
Investment Strategy

Investment Strategy

Our Investment Strategy is powered by Cannon AIQ, an internal machine learning algorithm that guides our buy and sell decisions.

We use Cannon AIQ to assist us in making informed buy and sell decisions for our clients. This is not a robo-trading system that makes transactions on its own, rather an intelligent algorithm where the final buys/sell decision is made by our traders.  Our Investment Strategy aims to provide strong risk-adjusted returns while also striving to minimize downside risk during periods of heightened market volatility.

Intelligent Portfolios

Intelligent Portfolios

At Cannon Advisors, our investment philosophy is at the core of everything we do. We believe in putting the well-being of our clients first, and this belief is reflected in the way we build intelligent stock portfolios for our high net worth clients.

By utilizing our internal machine learning algorithm, our goal is to be able to navigate through different market conditions and create portfolios that are not only diversified but also optimized for long-term growth. This way, our clients can rest easy knowing that their investments are in good hands. The Cannon AIQ strategy is based on the fundamentals of our Investment Philosophy.

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