Wealth Management for High-net-worth Individuals

For individuals or families who have a liquid net worth in excess of $1 Million

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We are Boutique...

We are Boutique...

Let's face it, wealth comes with significant perks. As a high net worth individual you have the option to select a boutique firm or a large institutional firm.  We commit to words like integrity, service and fiduciary, they are the backbone of our success, while other firms use them as punchlines.

Here are a few reasons why high net worth individuals choose a firm like Cannon Advisors:
  • Family Owned: for over 40 years, we've treated clients like family, it's in our DNA.
  • Personal Touch: we commit to relationships, not gathering assets.
  • Agility: unlike large institutional firms, we have the unique advantage of using technical analysis and can go to cash quickly when necessary in order to protect client's wealth versus throwing you into the company model.
The Personal Touch

The Personal Touch

At Cannon Advisors, we can provide personal guidance and advice to help you determine your goals and how to best pursue them.

We help our high-net-worth clientele: 
  • Coordinating Tax: when assisting high-net-worth clients, taxes are at the heart of everything and drive many of our recommendations.   
  • Protecting Assets: our goal is to help high-net-worth clients protect assets from threats, such as lawsuits and government authorities. This is accomplished in a number of ways depending on the situation and client goals.
  • Generational Wealth Management: when consulting with high-net-worth clients, each family's goals and desires differ and so our recommendations are unique for each situation. Our goal is to institute measures to help protect and grow wealth over multiple generations.

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