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Wealth Management for High-net-worth Individuals

For individuals or families who have a liquid net worth in excess of $1 Million

What To Consider

What To Consider

Let's face it, wealth comes with significant perks. That said, it also comes greater financial complexity and responsibility. From tax efficient investing and estate planning to formalizing succession plans and efficient wealth transfers, a high level of knowledge and experience is required in financial planning for high-net-worth individuals.

This is why most high-net-worth individuals and families partner with a qualified financial advisor who has experience in Tax Consulting to help steer the ship. Cannon Advisors has both the experience and talent to meet and exceed their needs.

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We Can Provide Personal Guidance

We Can Provide Personal Guidance

At Cannon Advisors, we can provide personal guidance and advice to help you determine your goals and how to best pursue them.

We help our high-net-worth clientele: 
  • Managing tax: when assisting high-net-worth clients, taxes are at the heart of everything and drive many of our recommendations.   
  • Protecting assets: our goal is to help high-net-worth clients protect assets from threats, such as lawsuits and government authorities. This is accomplished in a number of ways depending on the situation and client goals.
  • Generating and preserving wealth: when consulting with high-net-worth clients, each family's goals and desires differ and so our recommendations are unique for each situation. Our goal is to institute measures to help protect and grow wealth over multiple generations.

Cannon Advisors does not provide tax, legal or accounting advice and this is not intended as such. Prospective investors and clients should consult with their own tax, legal, and accounting professionals to determine the potential benefits, burdens and other consequences of engaging in a particular strategy or transaction.

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