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Serving our clients for over 40+ years

We've been helping clients save, plan and reduce debt using Dave Ramsey's strategies for the last 4 decades. Let us help you take the next Baby Step.

What To Consider When Choosing A SmartVestor

What To Consider When Choosing A SmartVestor

When it comes to finding a SmartVestor there a few questions Dave recommends you ask:
  • What is your education and experience?
  • What will our working relationship be like?
  • What was your recent performance?
  • Will you help me with my taxes?
Not to mention questions you need to ask to understand how your money will be invested to make a knowledgeable decision long term.
Our Investment Philosophy
We Provide Personal Guidance

We Provide Personal Guidance

At Cannon Advisors, we provide personal guidance and advice shaped by Dave Ramsey's principles.

We take Dave's lead by helping our clients understand the market with a bi-weekly video show and monthly educational content. Our success has come from 4 decades of training and continued higher education.

Through the years we've perfected a tailored approach in working with clients 1 on 1 by giving them the attention they deserve. As we learn more about your goals, our personalized approach combined with Dave's principles gives you the recipe for success and the tools necessary to reach your highest aspirations in retirement.

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