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Our Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy serves to focus on the well-being of his clients both today and in the future.

Although we agree with traditional Asset Allocation as supported by "Modern Portfolio Theory" - advocated by most advisors and firms today; we firmly feel that it is merely a tool, yet not the complete answer.  We believe additional measures must be taken in order to better prepare for today's ever-changing market.

We believe that in order to guard and grow your investments, you must do so by stepping outside of the "style box".  In this, we advocate asset allocating not only among investment styles, but also among investment strategies.

By diversifying between a combination of domestic and global equities, business sector trending strategies, very conservative hedging strategies, covered-call and married-put options, non-correlated alternative asset strategies and a blend of unique fixed income strategies, we feel strongly that some amount of today's market risk can be reduced.

Our philosophy is born of common sense, unbiased observation and the strength of our experience over many years.

The investment process is created with a conservative fundamental discipline which is framed by this philosophy.

*Asset allocation and diversification do not assure or guarantee better performance and cannot eliminate the risk of investment losses. Investments are subject to market risks including the potential loss of principal invested.  The client acknowledges that the representative is relying upon the client information (e.g., risk tolerance, time horizon, and investment objective) for the purposes of providing recommendations to the client. The client agrees to give the representative notice of any significant changes in the client information and to provide the representative with any additional information that the Advisor may reasonably request.